Secrets You Need to Know During Decal Installation


A decal can be defined as a design which is normally prepared on special type of paper for long lasting transfer on to another different surface such as glass or porcelain or any other medium where it can be attached for various reasons such as identification, beauty and many other purposes.

Decals are very useful because they are normally used to carry out various purposes and one of the uses of decals is that they are  most frequently used hot rod automobiles  and also they are used in plastic moulding and modelling for various purposes.

Decal installation at Decal Graphics may seem or sound to be a very simple task but in real sense it requires certain skills so that one can be able to  do it in the right way and so that it can last for a longer period of time before wearing off.

 In order to overcome the problems that we have discussed in the above paragraphs and also in order to achieve the goals you aim at when installing a decal on any item, the following are the secrets that you need to know and understand very well so that they can help you during the installation of a decal.  One of the ways in which you can clean the surface is by the use of spirit or alcohol  whereby you rub the surface with a clean piece of cloth or cotton wool in order to cleanse the surface  so that you can clear any particles or remains  which can hinder the adherence of the decal to the surface; this ensures that the place is thoroughly cleaned and thus facilitates the attachment process.

 A lot of care should be take when detaching off the decal because if you are no so careful, it will leave a lot of bubbles in the decal attachment and this means that the higher the number of bubbles the lower the probability of the decal being installed well and thus the lesser the period of time it will last.

The other tip that can be applied in a do it yourself  project of car decal installation is that when dealing with glass  surfaces and it happens that there is  glue attached to the surface where you need to install the decal, you can scratch if off using a sharp object such as a knife or a razor blade.

When dealing with a painted surface, another important secret that you should know is that water cannot wipe way the colour so i this case you should research about the right solvent to use in order to clear up the surface. the